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Lodging is Included with ALL Packaged Hunts!

Included with Hunting

  • 8 Total Beds

  • 4 Bedrooms

  • 3 Bathrooms

  • Sleeps 8 people comfortably - Extra space if needed

  • Meals INCLUDED

  • Full Kitchen, bathroom, large parking area, living room, dining room

From the Start of your Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunt, We do it Right

This Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting outfitter's lodge offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where hunters can unwind after a day in the field. Picture a cozy lodge nestled amidst the picturesque Saskatchewan wilderness, with comfortable furnishings and rustic decor that exude a sense of relaxation and camaraderie.

The lodge prides itself on its hospitality, with a focus on providing delicious home-cooked meals that are both hearty and satisfying. Imagine savory dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, served family-style to foster a sense of community among guests.

The evenings are filled with the sound of laughter and animated conversation as hunters recount their adventures from the day, sharing tales of triumphs and memorable moments in the field. With each story told, the bond among guests grows stronger, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Lodge

Call with any questions pertaining to lodging. The lodge has tons of amenities.

Widgeon Waterfowl Family

You don't just come waterfowl hunting with us "one time" ...

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Saskatchewan, Canada

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