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Saskatchewan Waterfowl Guide

Geese: Canadian Geese, Specklebelly geese, Snow/Blue Geese.

Ducks: Mallards, Pintail, Gadwall, Widgeon, Shoveler, Blue-winged Teal, and Green-winged Teal

Established 2015

Widgeon Waterfowl originated in the Central Mid West where our dream for waterfowl hunting started to become a reality. It all started when we crossed the northern boarder for the first time. A dream that we would soon make into reality.

Waterfowl Hunting Canada
Hunting Ducks in Canada

Widgeon Waterfowl Expansion

But like anything in life, a place is just a place. It’s relationships that make them special. With years of hunting in Saskatchewan, we have met and formed relationships and great friendships with the local farmers which allows us to have some of the best hunting options on a daily basis. This helps us with becoming the top waterfowl destination in Northern Saskatchewan.

We have hundreds of thousands of miles to hunt, and we scout for days in preparation for your hunt with Widgeon Waterfowl. 90% of our clients re-book every year, and they rarely see the same place twice on a trip, or even during the next year’s hunt.

Saskatchewan Waterfowl Guide

A ONCE in a Lifetime Hunt

"A Damn Good Time"

"A Waterfowl Hunters Dream"

"It's More than a Hunt with a Guide, you Become Family"

While hunting with us. The experience is what you're in for. Geese coming in hot n heavy, skies filled with mallards, widgeons, and other species of ducks.

The only thing better than the hunting is the hospitality. Our Crew will have you feeling like you're at home. From sitting around the fire having a few drinks to one of our chefs throwing together breakfast and dinner after a long day of waterfowl huntin.

Widgeon Waterfowl

Our Vision

At Widgeon Waterfowl, our vision is to stand proudly at the top of the Saskatchewan Waterfowl Guiding Industry while providing unmatched customer service. We take pride in providing the best possible guided waterfowl hunts under any weather conditions and circumstances. Whether you’re a beginning waterfowler or have been hunting for decades, your experience with us will have you longing to come back.

Watch them get Dusted!

The Saskatchewan Way

A typical day of waterfowl hunting in Saskatchewan calls for a chance of ducks falling from the sky , overcast with flocks of geese, and the smell of gunpowder!

Season Dates in Saskatchewan

September 1st- November 6th

Widgeon Waterfowl Family

You don't just come waterfowl hunting with us "one time" ...

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Saskatchewan, Canada

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